Our Process


We understand that you're the expert about your business

We're not going to try to tell you what you already know ... promise.  We understand that you know what your firm does best, and how to do it.

Our engaging process counts on your feedback to provide the needed details that will move each project toward innovative marketing solutions. Along the way, we will ensure that every activity aligns with your organization's goals.  Together, we will build a common understanding of the project's objectives, and discover the path to exceptional results. And, we'll do it without breaking the bank.

A law firm's success depends on how clearly and consistently it communicates with its clients, both internal and external.  Outsource your marketing to LMC and see the ripple effect with your team and client relationships.  Your return on investment will be higher than performing your marketing in-house or hiring a traditional advertising agency.

We spending time learning about your law firm by asking the right questions.


We will ask you to describe:

  • The compelling story behind your firm
  • The key goals for your business
  • The internal and external challenges and obstacles your law firm is facing
  • The timeline necessary to implement your program(s)
  • The realistic financial resources available

After our discussions, we will provide you with complete yet concise documentation of our meeting, along with a proposal for our services.



Our initial consultation is free.